Coworking House



Because working from home is distracting and unproductive, but leasing your own office space is expensive, time consuming, and risky - we bring you CoHo.

Co-working encompasses a common working space where individuals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs of all aims and ambitions can create, collaborate, and network. Sharing resources such as desk space, meeting rooms, audio/visual equipment, technology, and more, overhead is kept low for many, and energy is kept at a maximum for all. Coworking is becoming the hub of small business economies in cities all over the world. 


Dedicating some of your efforts in a coworking space like CoHo offers you exposure, connections, and organic networking that could help put your business on the map or, at least, put you in touch with the missing link you need to make your idea shine even brighter.




We believe there's a better way to work, and we're building it now.

At CoHo, we're redesigning the way entrepreneurs balance their families and businesses. Focus, collaborate, get inspired, and get work done in Nashua's Coworking House, designed to make balancing work and life a whole lot easier. Members will have access to open seating, private offices, meeting space, events, and drop in childcare. Located in the heart of Milford, so you're close to everything, including parking, restaurants, yoga, and the library. 

All images are stock and represent intended build out. 





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While we're building out the best Coworking House we can, we want to make sure we're asking you - our future members - what exactly would make CoHo work for you! A private office with all the amenities? Open work space with couches? A coffee bar or a juice bar? Work space to hold your own events and workshops? How about an audio visual room to record your next online course for passive income? Let us know what's most important to you by taking the survey below.